Learning to record music, and play drums.

My Woodworking CNC

I have a Techno/Isel CNC router machine that i am working to bring back to life. the machine control is handled by LinuxCNC (EMC2).

Project Forum

A forum for sharing ideas, and for like-minded people to communicate. Free to join, and use, with no ads!

My YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube channel. it's not much, but it is mine.

My Github

A place for source code i have either created, or that i am modifying.

My Trains

Scale: HO, Control: DCC++

Web Services

For very select people, i am able to provide webhosting, and email. but please bear in mind, this is a self-hosted server with only 5TB of storage. this in not a large corporate system, and internet has been known to die out on occasion...


HTML, no PHP or Database access. will include FTP access.


Secure webmail (behind SSL)

My Internet Radio Station

Caution: Most music is NOT CENSORED!!!

Station: ONLINE