Camper Renovation

I am renovating my 5th wheel camper into a combo camper and mobile music recording studio. it is a 1989 Travel Villa Omega 25RK, and started with a rating of 7000 GVWR. hopefully my additions will not surpass this.


  1. Bedroom Section
    1. Remove Toilet
    2. remove vanity
    3. remove shower
    4. finish power cabinet.
      • make panel for Power distribution Panel.
      • install 50A power inlet.
      • install AC power gauges.
      • reconnect camper AC outlets.
      • run rest of AC wire.
      • update AC breakers.
      • run rest of DC wire.
    5. remove bedframe.
    6. remove carpet.
    7. install beadboard to step-up.
    8. install flooring on bedroom floor. (carpet or floating? $?)
    9. build and install cabinet doors.
      • Doors - pine frame, with flat 1/4" plywood center, and self closing hinges.
      • Drawers - pine face, with self closing slides.
    10. fix A/C vent.
    11. fix heat vent.
    12. fix bed cabinet outlets.
    13. install some 12v outlets for phone charging.
  2. Studio Section
    1. tearout cabinets
    2. remove stove
    3. remove fridge
    4. replace furnace.
    5. replace A/C.
    6. replace rotten flooring
    7. build out walls.
      • 1X4 studs.
      • Roxul insulation.
      • install outlets and switches for AC and DC.
      • Cover with fabric (Painters tarp?).
    8. build Generator compartment
      • Build wooden frame for door
      • cut aluminum wall framing to accomodate door wooden frame.
      • insert wooden frame, using L tabs of aluminum riveted to wall frameing to secure.
      • cut camper skin to fit opening.
      • install compartment door, with outside sealant.
      • cut flooring under where generator will sit (ventalation).
      • install brackets as needed to secure generator, allowing for oil-change.
      • construct sealed compartment to house generator
        • allow for control wires.
        • allow for DC and AC power wires.
        • Provision for DC battery wire.
        • provision for fuel supply.
        • provision for fuel filter.
      • support floor around compartment.
    9. Provision for generator fuel tank.
      • may install in former shower location...
      • may install under bench/desk...
    10. Studio Desk
      • weight provision around 32-channel mixer.
        • build in mixer, for transport.
        • build cover for mixer, for transport.
      • install laptop support arm so it swings over mixer.
      • make depth enough for sepperate keyboard and mouse (under mount shelf?)
      • pine exterior, with 1/4" plywood center for filler.
      • rack space under one or both sides.
      • install AC outlets for equipment.
    11. vocal recording
      • heavy blankets to hang on walls.
      • table provision.
      • RV couch for seating.
      • ...or chair to sit in.
      • microphone isolating "halo".
    12. Carpet, or floating flooring? (cost dependant)
  3. Solar suplement
    1. EpEver 40A MPPT charge controller.
    2. install 100W (all so far) panel on roof.
  4. Batteries
    1. Wal-Mart Deep-Cycle Marine (cause it is what i can afford).
    2. construct compartment, section of former shower location
      • sealed door in human section.
      • vents to outside.
      • Acid drain (in case of spill, may go sealed AGM).
      • install circuit breakers for each battery.

YouTube Videos

not sure what i will end up with, as time passes, but i plan on making this a combination camper and Music Recording Studio, with a bit more priority toward recording. I may even use it for making YouTube videos, if i need quiet space to do a monologue, or chat with somebody else. the desk space will be pretty much useless in "camper" mode, but the vocal recording section, i plan on having a RV couch/bed, and a removable table.

Rough tour after gutting.
More to come...