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  1. travis_farmer

    My Techno/ISEL 4 foot square CNC router table build

    I need to check the DC to DC converters, and see if the ground is pass-through, so i can simply connect the grounds together. this is necessary for a star-ground system. that way i can hopefully improve the shielding in the control cabinet. also, i need some better power-distribution in the...
  2. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    with the super greedy prices on material, i am trying to cut some costs, and still get this done. i would like to use 3/4" foil-faced foam on the walls and ceiling. also perhaps something for insulation in the two end walls. this is because if the summer heat, or winter cold is too much to work...
  3. travis_farmer

    My Notes/Blog

    This will be edited with further research and knowledge. History: Delayed talking (Age not known. Source: mother) Delayed toilet training (Age 5 or 6 daytime, 7 or 8 nighttime) DSM-5: reduced sharing of emotions failure to initiate social interactions abnormalities in eye contact lack of...
  4. travis_farmer

    Renovation of my 5th Wheel camper

    I wanted to get the section of rotted floor replaced, but the scrap of plywood I had on hand was ¾” rather than ½” that is on the rest of the camper. So that still waits for attention. I was able to mostly install the new vehicle connection harness, with the exception of the charge wire, as I...
  5. travis_farmer

    My Techno/ISEL 4 foot square CNC router table build

    I have been reviewing the BB Charge Pump activated PSU cabinet… there will be a master power disconnect for AC power input. 5Vdc, 12Vdc, and 24Vdc will be powered full-time, as long as master power is on. This is to make sure the 7i80HD-16 has the correct signals when LinuxCNC is started up...
  6. 20210718_112359.jpg


    After tear-out. structure found to be good. aluminum frame, foam insulation. floor needs a section replaced.
  7. 20210718_112407.jpg


    After tear-out. rafters in great shape, insulation found to be full of rodent evidence. A/C unit works, but uses a LOT of power (will consider future upgrade). tore ceiling out to allow routing wires for layout change.
  8. IMG180101-201637F.JPG


    Left-forward, showing bedroom (1 of 2). cabinets will be painted, with possible new doors. bed frame will be removed, in favor of air mattress on new flooring. this will gain me headroom when sitting up.
  9. IMG180101-201643F.JPG


    Right-forward, showing bedroom (2 of 2).
  10. 20211030_134539.jpg


  11. Camper project - tour of initial demo work.

    Camper project - tour of initial demo work.

    i bought this camper to turn into a mobile music recording studio.
  12. camper_header.png


  13. travis_farmer

    Weather station with Adafruit RFM69HCW 915Mhz RF link

    Tried the RF69 link, but either my method of using it was wrong, or it was just slow to update. i have moved back to a MQTT communication method. GitHub: display: https://github.com/travis-farmer/WeatherDisplay/tree/MQTT station: https://github.com/travis-farmer/WeatherStation/tree/MQTT seems...
  14. travis_farmer

    DIY CAN bus for Camper/RV systems monitoring and control

    making a change... i have some packet radio (900Mhz) modules, and i think i will use a pair of them on this project. so i will have a bast station that collects the data from the sensors, and then sends the data via RF to the display. the display will be just a Nextion screen, radio module, and...
  15. travis_farmer

    My Techno/ISEL 4 foot square CNC router table build

    Thinking my spoil-board will be this... a piece of plywood, surfaced flat, with inset T-track. this will not be for through-cuts. for those, i will place a scrap of wood under the piece to be cut, just to protect the table surface. thinking of re-doing the control cabinet... i want to bring the...
  16. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    the tent is a 13' X 20', the platform will be KD lumber, with a vapor-barrier spread on the ground underneath. the end walls will be either 2x4, or 2x6, with diagonal bracing, and clamps to the metal frame. power will come in via a buried conduit to the garage. maybe 2", or so, to make sure of...
  17. travis_farmer

    Weather station with Adafruit RFM69HCW 915Mhz RF link

    ran into an issue... the RF board uses an interrupt on the arduino... and so does the weather sensors (wind and rain)... though, as i think about it, the MEGA2560 has more than two interrupts (18,19,20,21). :unsure:
  18. travis_farmer

    my E-Drum kit

  19. travis_farmer

    Weather station with Adafruit RFM69HCW 915Mhz RF link

    I have had a Arduino weather station for a while, and have not really set it up outside, as i have been trying to figure out the best way to link it with a base-station inside the house. i have recently bought some Adafruit RFM69HCW boards, and pending their arrival, i will adapt my weather...
  20. travis_farmer

    Building my recording setup

    Software: Cubase Elements 11. Audio Interface: Tascam US-1641. Mixer (to play around with): Mackie 32ch, 8bus analog. my plan is to use the Mackie Mixer, and connect the Tascam interface to it via the first 8 recording outputs. i have a Tascam 16ch recorder, that no longer records. but it looks...