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  1. travis_farmer

    Weather station with Adafruit RFM69HCW 915Mhz RF link

    I have had a Arduino weather station for a while, and have not really set it up outside, as i have been trying to figure out the best way to link it with a base-station inside the house. i have recently bought some Adafruit RFM69HCW boards, and pending their arrival, i will adapt my weather...
  2. travis_farmer

    Building my recording setup

    Software: Cubase Elements 11. Audio Interface: Tascam US-1641. Mixer (to play around with): Mackie 32ch, 8bus analog. my plan is to use the Mackie Mixer, and connect the Tascam interface to it via the first 8 recording outputs. i have a Tascam 16ch recorder, that no longer records. but it looks...
  3. travis_farmer

    my E-Drum kit

    My drum kit is a bit of a FrankinDrum kit (composed of many parts from various drum kits). the e-drum controller is an Alesis DM5, with a mixture of Alesis, Rolland, Yamaha, Pintech, and generic pad triggers. i think the kick bass pedal is a Gibraltar (single). just a cheap one i think, as i...
  4. travis_farmer

    revisiting the self-built standby generator project.

    i have an auto-start generator controller, 10KW generator head, and auto-governor controller. the plan is to get a salvage 4-cylinder carb car engine, and run it at near idle speed, with a belt drive to the generator head. the generator head requires 3600 RPM, but that would use a lot of gas, so...
  5. travis_farmer

    Ideas and build log for my CNC Shed

    I have a large shelter/tent, that i will be using for the base frame. the end walls will be stud-walls, rather than tent-walls. the front wall will have a double door. one that will usually be kept closed, and one for entering and exiting. both doors can be opened to get the CNC inside. the...
  6. travis_farmer

    DIY CAN bus for Camper/RV systems monitoring and control

    based on this tutorial: using the attached Arduino Library, and some SPI MCP2515 modules. i may also use some of these modules for remote sensors...
  7. travis_farmer

    Renovation of my 5th Wheel camper

    the camper is a 1989 Travel Villa Omega 25RK. my thinking is, the bedroom will remain almost the same. i will take out the bed platform, in favor of just a air-mattress on the floor. i will re-face the cabinets at the head of the bed. the bathroom will be altered so the toilet is on the other...
  8. travis_farmer

    Travis' Hunting Season 2021

    Hunt date: Oct 30th I sat most of the morning in a tree-stand, getting rained on... saw exactly zero deer, and due to the rain, i heard nothing. the afternoon, i sat on a rock (see attached pictures), and still saw nothing, and got rained on. My old Magellan Meridian Platnum GPS failed me...
  9. travis_farmer

    My Techno/ISEL 4 foot square CNC router table build

    This project has been in the works for quite a while now. it does work, last i checked, but i tried to sell it... without any luck. or perhaps it was luck, as my Music Studio failed, so here i am back to this... i will try and update as i go and make progress. :D
  10. travis_farmer


    This community is in it's early stages. let me know what you think. also, if you would like a forum board added, let me know in the Forum Support board. Also, this community is on the Tapatalk app, just search for "tjfhome" and it should pop right up. :) Due to a odd policy with some users...