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  • Hello Guest, This webserver has been plauged with internet connection issues. I do not know the cause, but i am working to figure it out... perhaps the phone line for the dual-DSL is old, i don't know.

expecting some server downtime, soon


Staff member
Aug 12, 2021
the Operating System that runs this website, CentOS Linux, will unfortunately be reaching End Of Life status.
What this means is that it will no longer be supported for updates, security patches, or any support at all. because of this, i will be working on migrating the webserver to using Debian Linux, and restructuring the server to a different server computer.
it is my hope that i can disable the forum to make the data static (IOW, no new posts). then i will backup all the website data to an external drive so i can move it to the hopefully already operational second server. once the website has been proven operational, i will reactivate the forum and test it for full operation. at this point, it will be live again.
the reason i am changing server hardware, is that i want to be able to do on-site server backups to a TrueNAS server, and this current server is ideal for storing backups, as it has a little over 5TB of storage. then i can setup my webserver to run regular backups to the TrueNAS server.

During this period, i will also be moving the physical location of the server rack. it takes up too much space in my bedroom, and the heat it generates in the summer is overwhelming (though great in the winter ;) ). the whole process could take a couple days, or a couple months, as i want it to be done correctly.
when i first put the rack together, i spaced the front and back towers too far apart, and so i couldn't properly mount the servers. so basically, the servers are just stacked on top of each other. not a great system...

all i am getting at, it ill take some time to get the servers back up and running to full potential. even longer if i accidentally lose the data in the transfer. :eek: