DIY Standby Generator


Pic 01

HFT Predator 670

This is the largest of the HFT Predator engines. 670cc, 22HP.

Pic 02

Mebay DC62D

This is the auto-start controller i am using.

2020-09-05: today i test-ran the engine, and ran a little above idle for 1.5hrs, for part of the 3hr break-in process. it ran great, right out of the box (after adding oil, and supplying a battery and fuel). i also have many of the other parts ordered in, so more to come...

2020-09-08: just some thoughts... i pulled the fan shroud off to look for a spot to mount the magnetic pickups. found some places to mount something on the opposite side from the starter. just gotta mount some angle-iron, and drill and tap it for the pickup threads. now, on the throttle, i think the best way is to dismount the governor, and run a throttle cable i ordered in from the front, through the fan shroud, with a idle return spring. the electronic governor i have will control the idle speed, so i may just turn the idle screw out to give the governor room to do it's thing. i really need to get a 1/4in steel plate so i can make the mounts for the engine. then i can also start mounting things like the governor actuator.

2021-01-09: I haven't completely given up on this yet. i still need some sort of base to mount the engine and generator head, before much work can really be done. that way i can fabricate some mounts for the magnetic RPM pickups (one for the governor, one for the controller). i am still thinking of using the HFT generator head, as it is just so much more affordable, with moderate financial savings.
for the base frame, i had planned on mounting the system to a small trailer to make it portable. not sure this is really the best option, still. my intent now is to use this as a automatic standby generator for my CNC machine.

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