Travis Farmer

41 year old Semi-Autistic (Autism spectrum Disorder) man, with a passion for music.
i am trying to learn to play my drum-kit, but currently unable to find affordable lessons.


  • E-Drum Brain: Alesis DM5
  • Drum rack: Roland
  • Drum Triggers: Pyle
  • Cymbal Triggers: Pintec
  • Kick Trigger: Yamaha DTX

Currently learning to record music. if you would like to be recorded, let me know (NOTICE: Studio not yet ready, but let me know if you are in the area, and interested.)
(Studio E-Mail to follow when ready to take messages)

Studio Equipment:
  • Tascam US-1641 audio interface
  • Mackie 32x8 mixer
  • 4x Pyle POS mics (will upgrade when i can afford to)
  • Various cables (not enough yet)