Camper Studio

So, i picked up a 5th Wheel camper that i am currently renovating to be a combo camper and music recording studio.

Recording Studio

Expanding to learn music recording. I have some equipment, but i need more, and i have to build a studio...

Still looking for affordable lessons

due, i think, to the whole COVID issue, i have been so far unable to find lessons i can afford. but i will continue to strive forward.
i have discovered that my E-Drum "Brain" has no built in provisions for a snare "rim shot"... i have to use one of the inputs, and but a dual-trigger pad, and use a splitter cable (Insert cable) to divide the signal from one pad to two inputs, but it lowers my total inputs down by one.

Started Drumming Page

Yeah, i just started this page, so things look a little odd.
let me get you up to date, i have an electronic drum kit i built using parts i sourced online. I have contacted the local music store, finally, to see about getting some lessons, and i will update on the progress of that as i have progress.