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Store closed indefinitely, because i have no start-up money of any kind!

If items are marked "LOCAL PICKUP ONLY", we will NOT SHIP it to you. if you do not make arrangements to pick it up in person, the order WILL BE CANCELED. and please do not show up unexpected. you must make an appointment FIRST.

Unless otherwise noted, all signs/plaques are unpainted and non-finished. i have no skill at sign painting, and i don't have the space for a paint booth. There is just too much dust. i can make recommendations on how or who. this is not a dis-service. if you saw my painting skill, you would agree.

On any custom order, please allow time for me to actually make your order before stopping in to pick it up. At the very least, if i don't get contacted by you first, i will make an attempt to contact you when your order is ready.

This is my hobby, and i love doing it, but i am not a major corporation. i am but one man, and one machine. if it breaks down, i am dead in the water until it is repaired.

If you register, only hit the Register button ONCE. hitting the button will register you, but will not take you else-where, so it looks like it failed. but it works. register once and login. if you hit the button again and it tells you that name is taken, it is because it worked the first time, but you hit the button again anyway. don't register a bunch of names, ad tell me it did not work. they all work, and now you have a bunch of accounts you don't need. I don't know why it is like this, i did not write the software.

Have a great day, and enjoy browsing my products!

Donate to building my workshop. ALL money will go toward building materials.