revisiting the self-built standby generator project.


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i have an auto-start generator controller, 10KW generator head, and auto-governor controller.
the plan is to get a salvage 4-cylinder carb car engine, and run it at near idle speed, with a belt drive to the generator head. the generator head requires 3600 RPM, but that would use a lot of gas, so if i run the engine slower, and have a pulley that is bigger on the engine, than the one on the generator head, i can step-up the RPM. the car engine should have more then enough HP to do this. i just have to figure out the best RPM for smooth and stable running, while at load. but i don't want too much of a step-up, or the governor won't be able to react quick enough when a big load is applied, or removed.

obviously, i will have to get situated with a radiator and cooling system. i have a oil-cooler kit on hand, if needed, as well as a 10 or 15 gallon fuel cell. i will also need to get a muffler for the engine, and build a quiet enclosure.

i put a request out to a salvage yard to see what an engine would cost me. hopefully not too much...
contacting a salvage yard was a failure... no responce, of any kind. so i have put a call-out on FB to see what i can get a hold of. i think the biggest obstacle will be in picking up the engine. all i have available is my truck bed. my fathers utility trailer is currently full of demo debris, and in the snow... i do have my electric hoist that i can figure out a way to hoist the engine out of my truck bed, but currently, no access to any good tree to hang the hoist from. so the engine would have to sit in my truck until i figured out a way to get i out...